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About Us

How many times have you found yourself staring at your wardrobe thinking what to wear… same old clothes? Shopping is a source of joy to many but may sound a daunting task especially when your calendar is occupied, and your wardrobe needs an upgradation. If you look closely at your wardrobe, you will surely find clothes that you have not worn for a long rather few are lying with a price tag on it. In such a scenario, selling your preloved clothes and get a maintenance free wardrobe by renting clothes on a monthly, quarterly, or annual packages, would not only save your time, money, and energy but a step towards saving environment also. RENT YOUR WARDROBE with its footprints in Dubai, is an idea that begins with the approach to adapt digital innovation in fashion industry and inspiring fast-fashion loving people to be poised with their style by having an attire of their choice in a most hassle-free way. Being the leading rental clothing service provider, RYW emphasize on the bedrock of 3R approach Rethink-Reuse-Redefine.

The Future Of Fashion

With some of the best opportunities, it is no surprise that Dubai attracts expats from all over the world as aspirants look forward to work in this cosmopolitan city due to its supremacy in world-class comfort and unmatched luxury living style. It is a home to countless corporates who visit the golden city for business purposes and aspire to spread the elegance with their gracious presence. This glamour world hosts multiple events times to time, spreading happiness around and encouraging people to be at their best attire when it comes to create an ambience. So that’s where RYW starts playing its role to provide best class apparels on rent, taking care of all the necessary services required, at your doorstep. We are launching with womens wear apparels, carrying the idea of creating virtual wardrobe for everyone. With an easy navigation and classy design, you can find the finest clothes for everyday. Our ideation follows socioeconomic path promoting the concept of circular fashion to create a harmony with the environment and society. The apparels are sourced while giving priority to renewable resources and ethical practices. Our rental clothing services are a socio-economic way to live the fashion at the convenience to get the latest look at your doorstep effortlessly.


RENT YOUR WARDROBE is an online fashion rental platform that is waging an initiative on the apparel industry by providing a smarter and more sustainable alternative that is better for the community and the environment. The company is shaping the skyline of renting clothes for a long time but it was definitely a significant moment when we laid the foundation of our journey in 2020. We ensured, when it comes to online rental clothing, Rent Your Wardrobe tops the chart in terms of diversity in designs, catering multiple looks, colors, and sizes. So, stay gorgeous every day and experience the suave taste of our fashion industry by hopping straight to our virtual collection of finest attires and let us do the best for you!


RENT YOUR WARDROBE envisions to create a virtual maintenance free wardrobe for entire community where people can have the liberty of choosing apparels with services according to their individual requirements while saving time and money. We are contributing towards the transition to a dream wardrobe on cloud with infinite collections. Look good -Feel good in a more efficient way.


Rent Your Wardrobe strives for outlining the digital transformation of traditional clothing rental industry to a new era where people gaining their confident looks in their day to day lives rather than waiting for an occasion. let you feel special everyday with RYW virtual wardrobe, comprising finest attires. Why to wait for an occasion to feel special when every day comes with its own surprises. So why buy when you can RYW…