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Personal Hygiene

  • 1. Temperature Check

    Daily Mandatory Temperature Checks for all Staff

  • 2. Zero Tolerance

    Zero Tolerance to non-adherence to wearing mask at all times especially when interacting with customers

  • 3. Vaccinated Badges

    100% of our staff is now vaccinated. They are wearing a “I am Vaccinated” badge.

  • 4. Social Distancing

    Minimum 2 Meter social distancing at our facility.

  • 5. Sanitized Equipment and Vehicles

    All our delivery Vans are equipped with Extra masks, Hand Sanitizers for use at all times


1. Use of certified chemicals approved by local authorities for laundry and Dry Cleaning.

2. Once cleaned, the product goes through a steaming process. Steam due to its high latent heat has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses

3. Ensuring the items are sealed in a bag at the cleaning facility to avoid any direct contamination after the cleaning process is completed.

4. Sealed items are then returned to our facility and issued to our customers after a minimum of 48 hours. This re-ensures that the items are free from any impact of COVID-19 Virus.