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Unfortunately that is not an option at this moment, RYW is a membership based service and is provided only to members, We recommend you take the membership and enjoy our services, just in case you wish to discontinue for any reason, you can do so by giving a 7 days advance notice.

Unfortunately, No, RYW currently provides services only to its members, based on their membership plan.

Please check the apparels in Buy section, if your apparel appears on the page, you can buy it.

RYW subscription plans are designed to create a virtual wardrobe with unlimited choices so for efficient use, subscriber will be receiving 5 apparels at a time and will receive next 5 apparels at the time of scheduled return pickup for the previous one. This also gives the opportunity to our other members to use the apparels when not in use.

Yes Off-course, you can upgrade your membership at any point of time, please go to your profile section and upgrade your membership, the new membership plan will be activated from the next billing cycle

RYW encourages you to pay a refundable security deposit of 500 AED at the time of subscription to deal with any damage or product lost later. Please refer to RYW policies. *

Please call us at +971-45684799 or connect us on WhatsApp +971-558460727 RYW team will try to arrange at the earliest possible.

Please check for the sizes & styles you ordered are the same if not please reach out to us at given numbers or raise the exchange request within 24 hours within your login.

Your apparels are your choice and for your convenience, you can rent it for as long as you want, you are charged based on your membership package for the items you rent.

This is a very genuine issue and we acknowledge that, in order to support our customers, we recommend you either visit our conveniently located studio at Barsha Heights (Tecom) for a quick size check and trial. Alternatively, you have 24 hours to raise the exchange request for your order.

Its simple, please visit your profile section and unsubscribe your subscription and provide us the reason for your cancellation at least 5 days before the next billing cycle. Your subscription will be cancelled only after RYW team collects the apparels back.

Yes, you can. RYW subscription plans are ‘Transferable’.

Sharing of dresses is strongly discouraged for your own safety and hygiene reasons.

RYW apparels go through a special chemical and dry-cleaning process to ensure longevity and sustainability of the apparel besides hygiene checks, you can reuse the apparel if you wish, however you are not advised to wash or laundry the dress by yourself.

RYW follows highest standards of best hygiene practices and each of the apparel is hygienically sealed before it reaches your doorstep. It is completely safe to use apparels directly. For more details, please refer to our COVID-19 guidelines and Laundry section.

NO refund possible, Subscription plans are ‘Transferable’.

Yes, you can pause your membership, there are no charges for pausing your membership.

Each membership uses a unique email address and phone number, and the login is OTP authenticated, so technically only 1 membership is possible on each unique email address and phone number.

RYW Payment gateway is secured and managed by one of the best institutions in this region. Sit back and relax, your transaction is safe on our website.

Sure, why not, we are at your service please call us at +971-45684799 or connect on WhatsApp +971558460727 or write us at customercare@ryw.ae and we will be happy to assist you.

No, unfortunately not at this point of time but will serve you soon.

At this point of time, our services are only available in Dubai. Your appreciation and inspiration will soon take up places.

Under normal circumstances, we deliver the order on the next working day (we work from Saturday to Thursday). However sometime due to overwhelming delivery volumes, the order may take up to 48 hours to be delivered.

Sure, you can. RYW team will coordinate with you on this.

Sure, we can try that, please write to us with the item code and size guidelines at WhatsApp +971558460727 or customercare@ryw.ae

You can book the dress on the next available date. RYW team will coordinate with you.

Sure, you can, your dresses are your responsibility till the time they are with you.

Please refer to RYW policies for details. *

Currently, RYW is only buying womenswear preferably apparels in good condition.

Please call our studio number at +971-45684799 or WhatsApp +971558460727 We will be happy to assist you further.

Yes, all fields mentioned mandatory are required to fill. The information provided by you, helps us in evaluating the condition and value of your product, requested information and clear pictures help in offering the price

Following parameters are considered while approving or rejecting the apparels,Apparel Type,Physical Condition,Size,Design and color,Authenticity,Wear and Tear

Once your product is approved, your payments will be processed in 7 working days in your registered bank account. RYW does not make any cash payments.

Most likely, your profile is not updated, or bank account details are not provided or provided incorrectly. Please reach out at +971-45684799 or WhatsApp +971558460727 for urgent attention.

Apparels are priced, based on their condition, size, pattern, design, authenticity, and various other factors, it would be unreasonable and unfair to compare two transactions and each of them may have a unique evaluation process.

If the total value of your APPROVED items is AED 500 or above, pickup charges would be waived off.

RYW offer prices are fixed and non-negotiable.

As a customer you can, however we don’t guarantee that we will buy everything that you have uploaded, however if you are donating items, we will not charge you for pickup and delivery of your item.

Please refer to the “How it works” section on our Website or Mobile App.

Prices offered by RYW are fixed and based on our best evaluation and judgement. We do a fair and transparent valuations and there is no scope of any negotiations further. We respect your decision to either accept our offer or not.